The democratized digital currency exchange of the future.

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Own a piece of the digital currency future.

We’ve set out to build a high-performance exchange capable of scaling and handling an unparalleled amount of transactions per second. By investing, you’re a co-owner and receive dividend payouts. Payouts aren’t based on whether the market is up or down, but rather exchange usage growth, capitalizing on continued industry growth trends.

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Why Invest in Tradebits?


Easy to use for the most common users

A simple, clean UI focused on the user makes for a low-friction trading experience. Deeper analytics and trends available in the advanced view.

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A truly democratized exchange

Decentralized digital assets. Decentralized technology. Thats all great. But what's really important is democratized ownership. You want to make sure your assets are secure by design, and by owning a piece of the exchange you can be sure that they are.

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Earn dividends on industry growth

By purchasing XBITS tokens, you’re a co-owner and entitled to regular dividends and voting rights. These features will be combined in the XBITS blockchain. The goal is to have instant dividend payments and voting rights. In this way the exchange can govern itself through its democratized community.

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Cutting edge reliability and scalability

We’re creating a robust exchange that can handle millions of transactions per second, to maximize uptime and the ability to transact around the clock.

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Secure cold storage asset management

We’re minimizing user risk in the event of a data breach. The vast majority of user assets are stored offline in cold storage. We only keep enough assets on the exchange to maintain liquidity. We have developed proprietary applications to manage deposits and withdrawals backed by the toughest security protocols and processes in the universe.

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Initial Legwork

Upcoming Events

Near Future

Token Distribution (in XBITS)

  • Token nameXBITS
  • Invite-only PresaleJan 10th 2018 - Feb 28th 2018 (35% discount)
  • PresaleMarch 1th 2018 - Apr 16th 2018 (20% discount)
  • Main Token Sale (ICO)Apr 16th 2018 - May 31st 2018
  • Tokens issued200mln tokens
  • Initial price per token0.0005 ETH
  • Total supply500mln XBITS

Meet The Team

Executive Team

Waseem Sadiq


Waseem is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in technical leadership. Previously Waseem co-founded Inbox2 (acquired) and Fileboard (based in San Francisco), a leader in the sales-enablement software space. Waseem also advises and coaches entrepreneurs/CTO’s on implementing and adopting highly scalable software solutions. Waseem co-founded Tradebits in 2015.

Amresh Bajnath


Amresh is a succesful entrepreneur in the field of property investments and cryptocurrencies. He is a former banker and has managed a EUR 1bn debt portfolio comprising Real Estate, Acquisition Finance and Corporate loans. Amresh holds a Masters degree in Finance from the prestigious Nyenrode Business University. Amresh co-founded Tradebits in 2015.

Faisal Mirza


Faisal has been involved in high-volume e-commerce marketing and technology roles for the last 10 years. In addition to that he is a board member of several high profile foundations in the Netherlands. Faisal studied Computer Science at the The Hague University. Faisal co-founded Tradebits in 2015 and architected the trading algorithms in the first version of the Tradebits crypto exchange.

Zaki Hussain


Zaki Hussain is a growth marketer located in Silicon Valley. Zaki has consulted for and advised Fortune 500 companies, ecommerce companies, SaaS startups, and most recently blockchain companies in driving customer acquisition, demand generation, and digital marketing strategy and results.

Legal Council

Werner Wolfs


Engineering, Operations And Support

We have built a team of 20 enthusiasts designers, engineers, security and ops/support personnel. We want to grow to a headcount of 50 within the coming 6 months.

If you are interested in becoming part of the next big thing, reach out to us!

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1What's different about this exchange?

We’re building a high-performance exchange that can handle an unparalleled amount of transactions per second. Tradebits will be easy to use for the most common users, with an emphasis on a clean UI and focused on the user. Traders today encounter various challenges with today’s exchanges.

2Why a democratized exchange? What's different than any other exchange?

As a democratized exchange, Tradebits is interested in serving our users. XBITS coin holders have a say in certain decisions. With other exchanges, the users can be at the mercy of a few unknown exchange owners.

3Do you store my funds online? What happens in case of a breach or hack?

We hold limited funds online on the exchange. The majority of assets are in cold storage offline.

4How do coin holders receive dividends?

The coin holders are entitled to regular dividends which process automatically. The token holders will have an ERC20 token. To simulate the dividend payments, a coin buy-back program is started until the ERC20 token is swapped for the XBITS coin.

5What is your KYC / AML process?

Tier 1 Account: Your e-mail address and verification of your e-mail address.
Tier 2 Account: Upload a copy of your ID, such as your passport, driver’s license or ID card.
Tier 3 Account: Proof of address, such as a bank statement or utility bill.

6Why does an exchange need to raise millions?

We’re setting out to build a high-performance exchange that can scale as users are added. There are various costs in running a business like this, from development to build a great product, marketing to attract users, etc.

7How do you keep user data and funds safe and secure?

Our whitepaper will address this in details.

8Is there a bounty program?

Yes, more details will follow soon. In the meantime, feel free to use our contact form for information about our referral program.

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